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Schools & Education

It was inspiring. I would like to go back to my class and to be more deliberate in identifying my students’ strengths and helping them to realize what their strengths are.

Secondary School Teachers on the Building an Inclusive Class Culture with Character Strengths workshop

It’s unanimous – the workshops Sha-En conducts are very engaging. I’ve seen many workshops (local & overseas). The content is simple, bite-sized, and most importantly can actually be applied in the classroom! 

Muhammad Fadylla, Vice Principal, Shuqun Primary School

Everyone in the workshop felt great! The benefits extend beyond the workshop into our daily life when we do the exercises regularly. Attending this workshop is a positive step everyone should take to make our life’s journey more wonderful.

Aden Gan, Curriculum Director, Pro-Teach Education Group

Sha-En conducted two workshops for my students at Yale-NUS. She piqued students’ interest through sharing her personal stories…[with] hands-on activities and discussions. Students were evidently very engaged, enthusiastic and participative. I gleaned many insights as well and am inspired to incorporate some of the tools learnt in my mentorship of students.

Vania Yip, Psychology Faculty, Yale-NUS College

Cultivating a Positive Workplace Culture” was an enriching workshop about mindfulness and character’s strengths. Training focus, activities and strategies introduced were made relevant to our educators’ work situations. I believe that our staff were able to connect and had developed greater intra- and interpersonal skills that would help them better manage themselves as well as work with others.

Kelly Hor, Head of School, Odyssey Pre-school

“I have heard Sha-en present on a few occasions, and each time she adds insights to being positive and mindful in the present moment. Sha-en is engaging, genuine and authentic in her sharing. She has strong knowledge of the science behind positive education, and shares the possibilities for us to use it in our daily life. Most importantly, she is able to address the different challenges we face. Her advice is clear, useful and can be implemented for growth.“

Charlotte Goh
Executive Director
Playeum Ltd

“Sha-En gave a meaningful webinar to the parents and teachers of MindChamps International Preschool Philippines. Through her talk, “Positive Parenting in the time of COVID-19”, Sha-En served as a guiding light for educators and parents in understanding how they can become more effective in taking care of their children. She crafted a message that combines scientific background and real-life experiences which resonated & met the needs of her audience. In the end, the audience left feeling comforted, and deeply motivated to practice what they just learned.”

Leandra Yu
Teacher Supervisor
MindChamps International PreSchool Ortigas, Philippines

“At Trehaus and our preschool where our mission is raising changemakers, instilling empathy, gratefulness and positivity in our little ones is deeply important to us. We invited Sha-En to speak at a Trehaus’ webinar on the topic “Thriving & Cultivating Positivity while working from Home”. Sha-En shared practical and effective strategies that engaged the audience, in an authentic and effortless way. She walks her talk about positivity and never fails to inspire others! We look forward to our continued close partnership with her, to empower more families and children to thrive. ”

Dr Elaine Kim, co-founder and CEO of Trehaus, Director of Trehaus School.


Sha-En has the perfect balance of in-depth knowledge as well as understanding of how to practically apply it. She has a warmth and friendliness about her, so to be in her company is to feel you’ve made a new friend. Her ambition and passion is inspiring!

Tara Schofield, Founder, PIE Network

Sha-En was the super engaging speaker of DABS’s very first Webinar, where she spoke about “Staying Positive during Crisis”. The webinar held during the Covid-19 crisis was very pertinent and the content presented was relevant and to the point delivered in a light-hearted, yet top-professional atmosphere. In 45 min she covered the essential scientific background, what happens to people during crisis, how to react and support as leaders as well as how to deal with some of the cultural specificities particular to Singaporeans, which was highly relevant for us all being foreigners. Feed-back from our members was overwhelmingly positive and some actually hired Sha-En to do the same talk in their organization.

Pernille Dahlgaard, Board Member, DABS (Danish Business Association of Singapore)

We brought in Sha-En as a speaker to our organisation, with the topic being “Staying Positive During Crisis”. Sha-En delivered a perfect presentation to us, balancing theory and practice to perfection. Also, our team of 80 people spanning across many regions around Asia, felt they got valuable tools to their personal tool box, on how we as leaders can get more in control with ourselves during crisis situations.

The session with Sha-En has helped many of us to reflect more about how our brain and mind are reacting during crisis, and which actions we can take to regain control, and get back to a stage where rational decisions can be made. As a speaker, she’s passionate, energised and very engaged with her audience.

Bo Porsgaard Pedersen
Regional Manager, Asia
Sourcing & Trading, AAK

We were so fortunate to have Sha-En lead a session on ‘Cultivating Positivity and Resilience in Times of Change’, as the first presenter in our speaker series, ‘Well-being from Home’. Sha-En deftly guided our large group through the science and practice of mindfulness, and gave practical and inspiring advice on navigating uncertainty with a positive mindset. The engaging virtual session was so well received by attendees, who were vocal in their thanks for the talk, with the words ‘wonderful’, ‘amazing’ and ‘interesting’ frequently used. Attendees also remarked on how much more relaxed they felt post-session, myself included! Thank you for such a compelling and valuable session, Sha-En.

Carrol Lapsys, Go-To-Market Asia Pacific, Google

I approached Sha-En some years back to conduct an Appreciative Inquiry session with a team I had just inherited. The feeling was that the team needed a new perspective and some refreshing, so that I could be given a chance to reset and lead them with no legacy misgivings. After the session, the team reported feeling encouraged. They appreciated the chance to articulate the vision they wanted for the team, and having some clear-headed discussion about how to get there. Honestly, I was doubtful the session would amount to more than a feel-good event, but the outcome far exceeded my expectation. Sha-En was extremely tactful in the way she raised difficult questions and feedback! If there is a chance to work with her again, I would definitely do so!

Jason Leow, Head of Corporate Affairs


Sha-En is the embodiment of positive psychology. I first met her when she was lecturing at The School of Positive Psychology, and am continually amazed by how she has evolves and applies her knowledge of Positive Psychology to a variety of audiences. She is versatile, engaging and thought provoking as a speaker, and is able to make theoretical concepts relatable and accessible for the everyday person. Shaen brings value and light into any room she enters, and I hope to continue working with her for years to come.

Jiezhen Wu, Director, The Hidden Good

I have recently taken part in one of Sha-En’ s talks on mental health and well-being . Sha-en is an engaging and honest speaker who has a vast experience in education, counselling and psychology. Her talks are hands on and thought provoking but also very pragmatic, equipping the audience with tools to enhance and maintain their mental well being and resilience, which are applicable in work and home environments. I highly recommend Sha-En as a coach and speaker

Victoria Folbigg, Gravista Leaders Network

“Sha-en is a real delight to work with – she ran a 60-minute virtual zoom session for us on The Art of Savouring. Attendees showed up with a piece of fruit and were taken through the various stages of conscious eating. She’s a real natural at engaging with the audience and getting strangers to interact! She also exudes this wonderfully calming energy that always puts anyone interacting with her at ease. Looking forward to the next chance we can work together again!”

Krystal Tan, Director, Blue Sky Escapes

I have invited Sha-En to speak on several occasions to my organization Love, Bonito and also to my women’s group, and the feedback for every session has been amazing! We really appreciate that she shares very practical advice and is easily applicable, and takes the time to explain clearly some psychological concepts to us. She has a calm and soothing demeanor and we thoroughly enjoy our sessions with her, Thank you Sha-En for always taking the time to listen to the audience and our questions, and for addressing them constructively! I will continue to engage Sha-En for more sessions to continue to make an impact!

Rachel Lim
Co-Founder, Love Bonito

“Sha-En was a first-rate resource and speaker for YPO Zen Pacific’s first learning series Webinar where she spoke about “Cultivating Mental Wellness Using Mindfulness.” The feedback from our members was overwhelmingly positive on the content, delivery, and interactive nature of the session. We have already decided to engage Sha-En on a subsequent “outing” to go deeper on some of these issues and have referred her to other YPO groups within the region. I would not hesitate to recommend Sha-En as an engaging thought partner who delivered a first-rate outcome for YPO Zen Pacific.”

Peter Rackowe
YPO Zen Pacific Chapter, Japan