Teaching well-being skills alongside academic skills help students build resilience, cultivate their strengths and find the joy in learning.

Positive Education

Positive Education brings together two main goals of education: academic learning and well-being. Schools that focus on this two-prong approach to education will see happier, more engaged students & staff.

Check out these case studies of how Positive Education was implemented in schools and the amazing results they achieved!

Double helix of the goals of education
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Sha-En takes a personal interest in meeting the needs of the audience – key personnel, staff and students – and takes the extra effort to customise the training/talk. She takes pride in her work and the level of commitment is admirable as she constantly checks in with the school staff developer to ensure that the training/workshop meets the objectives. Though she is an experienced trainer, she looks for feedback to improve her craft and we are touched by her passion and humility. We will be engaging her to speak with parents more regularly when our PSG is more established under the new Exco team. She-En is not just a trainer but a treasured partner of the school.

Jane Chong Lai Peng, Vice-Principal, CCHY

Sha-en brings with her rich experience from her background and training, and is able to guide our KPs in practical ways towards Positive Education. Her blend of personal warmth and a deep understanding of the Singapore school system helps moves different pieces forward, and enables KPs and staff to see various possibilities ahead with positive energy and confidence.

Kevin Pang, Principal, Yuhua Secondary School

Appreciate Sha-En’s efforts in the design and customisation of the training sessions and the active engagement of my colleagues despite it being challenging (not f2f but via zoom). Thank you for taking our feedback and requirements along the way and making various adjustment too! A strong PosEd partnership with Northbrooks


**Testimonial was given while Nick Chan was a Principal for North Brooks, he has since moved to SST.

Nick Chan, Principal, Northbrooks**

Generally the workshop was engaging and kept the participants involved in the various discussions. We are indeed grateful to have Sha En share some insightful lessons and the activities planned helped the staff develop better clarity.

Rezina Khan Abd. Rahim, Vice Principal, White Sands Primary School

Sha-En is a patient and accommodating speaker and consultant. She understands our needs and commits to customising her content to suit our learning. I appreciate that she is always available and willing to discuss, and she is definitely one who is able to hold the attention those present at her whole-staff sharing.

Veronica Guo, SSD, HOD MT, Fengshan Primary

Sha En’s workshops are well -planned with suitably chosen activities and examples that keep staff meaningfully engaged. She makes the effort to make it relevant for staff and is specific in her examples, assuring teachers that this can be done. She is also very approachable and kind and very reassuring, ready to answer our queries and uncertainties. A few of my staff have come up to me and told me that they always look forward to PosEd trainings. 🙂

Alfiah Md Yusoff, Year Head P5-P6, Edgefield Primary

Sha-En takes the effort to know the needs of the school. She gives her sound inputs and practical tips to make the effort works. One thing for sure is that there is never a dull moment in her workshop. She is able to pace the session to cater to participants’ needs.

Abdul Mutalib Mohammed Amin, VP, Yumin Primary

The talk by Sha-En is very engaging and she uses interesting examples to elaborate her points effectively. The strategies and tips she shared are very insightful and useful and she has helped both parents and educators who attended the talk understand how they can increase their well-being and be role models for the children through simple activities in their daily lives. Besides learning how to enhance personal well-being, the participants have also learnt how to promote positive interactions between themselves and their children. Kudos to Sha-En for the wonderful session!

Sherine Yap, Year Head/Lower Primary, Westwood Primary

Sha-En has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the area of Positive Education. She is able to customize the training sessions to meet the needs of individual schools. Her skillful facilitation skills can be seen even when trainings are conducted online. Teachers are always engaged and find her sessions meaningful.

Nur Jannah Juri, Year Head/Middle Primary, Greenridge Primary

Sha-En was engaging in delivering her keynote and drew references to our school culture constantly to contextualise her sharing. Delivery was succinct and clear and teachers were able to effectively pick up the main points of her delivery. Will definitely get her to do more workshops for the school!

Elaine Chan, SSD

It’s unanimous – the workshops Sha-En conducts are very engaging. I’ve seen many workshops (local & overseas). The content is simple, bite-sized, and most importantly can actually be applied in the classroom! 

Muhammad Fadylla, Vice Principal, Shuqun Primary School

It was inspiring. I would like to go back to my class and to be more deliberate in identifying my students’ strengths and helping them to realize what their strengths are.

Secondary School Teachers on the Building an Inclusive Class Culture with Character Strengths workshop

Everyone in the workshop felt great! The benefits extend beyond the workshop into our daily life when we do the exercises regularly. Attending this workshop is a positive step everyone should take to make our life’s journey more wonderful.

Aden Gan, Curriculum Director, Pro-Teach Education Group

Cultivating a Positive Workplace Culture” was an enriching workshop about mindfulness and character’s strengths. Training focus, activities and strategies introduced were made relevant to our educators’ work situations. I believe that our staff were able to connect and had developed greater intra- and interpersonal skills that would help them better manage themselves as well as work with others.

Kelly Hor, Head of School, Odyssey Pre-school

“I have heard Sha-en present on a few occasions, and each time she adds insights to being positive and mindful in the present moment. Sha-en is engaging, genuine and authentic in her sharing. She has strong knowledge of the science behind positive education, and shares the possibilities for us to use it in our daily life. Most importantly, she is able to address the different challenges we face. Her advice is clear, useful and can be implemented for growth.“

Charlotte Goh
Executive Director
Playeum Ltd

“Sha-En gave a meaningful webinar to the parents and teachers of MindChamps International Preschool Philippines. Through her talk, “Positive Parenting in the time of COVID-19”, Sha-En served as a guiding light for educators and parents in understanding how they can become more effective in taking care of their children. She crafted a message that combines scientific background and real-life experiences which resonated & met the needs of her audience. In the end, the audience left feeling comforted, and deeply motivated to practice what they just learned.”

Leandra Yu
Teacher Supervisor
MindChamps International PreSchool Ortigas, Philippines

“At Trehaus and our preschool where our mission is raising changemakers, instilling empathy, gratefulness and positivity in our little ones is deeply important to us. We invited Sha-En to speak at a Trehaus’ webinar on the topic “Thriving & Cultivating Positivity while working from Home”. Sha-En shared practical and effective strategies that engaged the audience, in an authentic and effortless way. She walks her talk about positivity and never fails to inspire others! We look forward to our continued close partnership with her, to empower more families and children to thrive. ”

Dr Elaine Kim, co-founder and CEO of Trehaus, Director of Trehaus School.

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