Haif Bannayan – Global Director Business Devt, International Baccalaureate

Sha-En spoke at our annual Asia Pacific International Baccalaureate Global conference IBO.org. First of all she was incredibly professional in her communication with the team, and demonstrated incredible commitment to the speaking assignment despite she had just recovered from COVID. As a speaker she had a captivating audience on stage, whereby she manage to positive keep a 1000+ participants interested in what she had to say.

Sha-En talk was about Cultivating youth resilience in an uncertain world, and in her talk she demonstrated deep knowledge, cited examples from her real life experiences and answered questions with comfort and extreme capability.

I can confidently say that she left the attending educators inspired and aware about this important subject and so was I. I would no doubt seek Sha-Ens expertise in future conferences we conduct in different parts of the world.