Jana Marlé-Zizková, CEO & Co-founder, She Loves Data

Since 2020 Sha-En generously donated her time and knowledge to the Shelovesdata community several times.
I had the honor and opportunity to observe closely her professional skills in the Courage Circle program.

She lead the participants through a series of workshops to help them:
– identify confidence blockers
– re-write their courage narratives
– reclaim control of their careers despite the uncertainties
– define new goals and take first steps on the new path

Sha-En skillfully created very open and positive environment. She lead all workshops with the confidence of highly experienced coach: she was not afraid to touch on vulnerability while creating a safe space for everyone to fully participate.

Sha-En’s working style is a great mix of the structured approach for defining and solving issues and a deep understanding and empathy for the human weaknesses. She embraces the unique differences her mentees bring to the table and turn them into advantages. What I love is her ability to flexibly adapt the content of the workshops based on the current needs, situation or vibe in the group.

I have learned a lot while working with Sha-En. I admire how she always evolve and perfect her methods and I truly respect her quest to help organizations and individuals on their journeys to become better versions of themselves.
It almost feel she does it effortlessly but you know she puts lots of hard work into her job.

I am looking forward to work with Sha-En again hopefully soon. It had a great impact on me and our community members.