Teaching well-being skills alongside academic skills help students build resilience, cultivate their strengths and find the joy in learning.

Positive Education

Positive Education brings together two main goals of education: academic learning and well-being. Schools that focus on this two-prong approach to education will see happier, more engaged students & staff. Such schools make an effort to:

  • create a positive culture (e.g. leadership practices and teacher happiness)
  • implement innovative pedagogy to strengthen teacher-student relationships
  • actively work with parents to create a supportive partnership
Double helix of the goals of education
Pic credit: IPEN Network

All of this ultimately empowers students to develop their strengths, build critical resilience skills and be able to thrive beyond their schooling life.

Signature Programs

Strengthening Positive Teacher-Student Relationships

  • What is Positive Teacher-Student Relationship (TSR)?
  • Why is Positive TSR important?
  • How to create Positive TSR using the SET Model

Introduction to Positive Education

  • What is Positive Education?
  • Why is Positive Education important for schools?
  • Positive Education Models e.g. PERMA, PROSPER
  • Case studies of school wide implementation of Positive Education

Self Care for Staff: You have to Nourish to Flourish (New!)

  • What is self care?
  • What are common obstacles to self care?
  • Strategies for self care

Building an Inclusive Classroom Culture with Character Strengths (New!)

  • What is inclusivity & what barriers might there be?
  • What are character strengths & how they can form an inclusive classroom? 
  • Strengths activities in the classroom 

Customised Training & Consultancy

Teacher Training in Positive Education content areas

  • Cultivating Resilience & Growth Mindset to overcome challenges and failure
  • Strengthening Student Engagement by increasing Flow & tapping on Character Strengths
  • Promoting Happier School Culture for increased Staff Well-Being
  • Building Hope & Optimism to be future-ready
  • Introducing Mindfulness for greater focus and attention

Consultancy on schoolwide implementation of Positive Education

  • Application of Positive Education content into classroom, curriculum & school culture
  • Support alignment of schools’ vision, mission & value to Positive Education

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