[Hard copy] A Journey of School-wide Implementation of Positive Education

Looking to implement Positive Education in your school? Unsure of where to start and what to do? Then this guidebook is for you! Designed for the core drivers and implementers, it provides step by step guidance on how to introduce, implement and sustain Positive Education in your school. It includes reflection exercises and discussion questions to help you think through the steps as you journey along.

It would be most helpful for schools that:

  • are thinking of beginning their Positive Education journey
  • have already started on their journey but are encountering challenges
  • have embarked on their Positive Education journey and want to know how to sustain their efforts

Case Studies

Check out the case studies of how some schools have successfully implemented Positive Education and the amazing results they achieved!


“This book is a nice balance between understanding the ‘why’, strategising the ‘how’ and deciding on the ‘what’. It contains useful information not only for schools who are planning to implement Positive Education but also a good reivew for those already onboard the journey. A must-read for schools who wish to improve the wellbeig of staff and students!”

-Muhammad Fadylla Bin Rashiman, Vice Principal, Curriculum, Shuqun Primary School

“This book is very easy to read and understand. It provides insightful information, tips and guides. It is very useful to schools that would like to embark on this journey and have no idea where to begin as it provides practicable tips and tools. I particularly like the reflection and planning templates as they help to organize thoughts and ideas in order to work out action plans. Most importantly, it is written based on our local school context. The thoughts and efforts put into this book exudes so much sincerity. I would definitely recommend it!”

-Mrs Jeanny Wong, Year Head (Middle Primary), Ai Tong School


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