Media and Events Gallery

We are passionate about Happiness and how it impacts individuals and the workplace. You can hire us as a speaker, trainer or panelist to bring the psychological science of Happiness to your audience! Check out our media & events gallery below.

TEDxSingapore (31st August 2019)

Our founder Sha-En was one of the featured speakers for the TEDxSingapore Salon “So As to Achieve Happiness”! To celebrate TEDxSingapore’s 10th Anniversary and Singapore’s 200th Birthday, people came together to share their ideas and thoughts about happiness, as well as listen to an expert panel.

Sharing her journey of being a “Reformed Optimist”
Answering a question from the audience alongside fellow experts Angela Ng, Dr Chris Cheok & Deborah Patterson. Hosted by Dave Lim, Founder of TEDxSingapore.

Happiness Feature on Biz Times Weekend (26 April 2019)

We were interviewed on a Feature story titled “A Formula for Happiness”, detailing concrete steps people (and organizations) could take to increase their happiness. Check out the story online as well!

“We find ourselves on this treadmill of competing with others over who has what. But studies show that buying things give you only a temporary high.”

– Veronica Chua

“We have to find the time to consider these important questions about our lives: Is this what I really want to do, or is this what society wants me to do? What’s stopping me from living the life that I want?”

– Sha-En Yeo

Collaboration with The Hidden Good

Can a smile be enough to make you happy? Catch Sha-En in this happiness series in collaboration with The Hidden Good.

Interview on MONEY 89.3FM

In 2018, Singapore dropped from 26th place to 34th out of 156 countries surveyed in the Happiness Index Survey. Why has it dropped so drastically? Listen to Sha-En share her insights on Happiness on MONEY 89.3FM!

Speaking engagements

CGH Resilience Symposium
SPH Future-Readiness Event
Assembly Talk
National Convention on Positive Psychology in Philippines

Training Workshops

Teachers Workshop on Strengths
Teachers Workshop on Self Care
Students Workshop at Hwa Chong Institution
Teachers Workshop on Positive Emotions

Panel Speaking

6th World Congress on Positive Psychology
Centre for Career Excellence – staying resilient through transition
Happiness Film Festival
Panellist at Peoples Association “Happiness Guru” Series